Cakes And Biscuits

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gh32 | 18:12 Sat 29th Jul 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Answers are mostly cakes and biscuits with a dash of tea.

2. Biscuits traditionally sold at fairs
16. Round no 1
17. Have these really got smaller?
44. Boozy gateau
52. A bit of alright
59. Pin-up photograph


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17 wagon wheels?
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Question Author
Thanks but can you explain?
44. Rum Baba ?

2 Brandy Snaps ( we always used to get these at the Goose Fair) ?
59. Ginger (Rodgers) snap
44 tipsy cake
Question Author
Thank you for your answers but I already have rum baba and brandy snaps for answers
Not sure about ginger snap
Tipsy cake sounds ok.
59 possibly cheesecake ?.....see dictionary definition
52 iffy....crumpet
44 tipsy cake?
oh sorry already answered x
2 carnival biscuit?
2 Banbury biscuits?

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Cakes And Biscuits

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