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Of10stuck | 21:20 Thu 06th Jul 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anybody out there point me in the direction of two feature films in the forms of Dingbats please? One has the word Russian and the word Zero below it. Another has the word Eve and the word Scarlet encircling it. I am going round in circles and have just had to clear my browsing history because all I'm getting on the internet now is Russian dating agencies - and me a happily married OAP!!


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First one could be From Russia with Love(zero)
21:23 Thu 06th Jul 2017
First one could be From Russia with Love(zero)
Film Dingbats 2017 - Pendleside Hospice
Fri 30/06, 19:05
Dingbats ([email protected])
Back by popular demand – it's the Film Dingbats!

There's a brand new set of the friendly & fiendish Film Dingbats hot off the press.

The Film Dingbats are being sold to raise funds for:
Pendleside Hospice (Hospice Care for Burnley & Pendle)

There are 51 Dingbats, each of which represents the title of a well-known movie.
I made a mess of that sorry - Mike only emailed me two days ago and got my copy yesterday.

Try again.

The Dingbats are £1 per sheet with a £30 first prize.

The deadline for returning entries is 30th August 2017.

They are fun! They are frustrating! And if you're up for the challenge and ready to support a good cause, please send £1 per required sheet (cheques payable to Pendleside Hospice please) together with a stamped self-addressed envelope to:
Mike Smith, Mount Sorrel, 273 Manchester Road, Burnley, BB11 4HN.
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Thanks. I thought of From Russia with Love especially as it is Wimbledon but the compiler is strict and it is Russians not Russia.
Lady in red or The woman in red?
Clue says Russian - From Russia.

Two films fit the second one The Woman in Red - The Lady in Red.
Question Author
Thanks Mamyalynne for the advert. I picked up my copy from the Hospice on Tuesday when I was wanting tickets for the forthcoming Open gardens in Fence event. I was surprised when the info wasn't on here. I've been tearing my hair out since I got it but those two are particularly challenging.
It's in the monthly round up, a super quiz and a fabulous cause.
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Thanks Patsy33 and Davemano. Every time someone points to something obvious I feel awfully THICK and think I should take up another hobby!
Question Author
It wasn't on the monthly roundup when I looked Mamyalynne and I tried to start a string yesterday but obviously failed that too!
A pleasure - good luck and put your hair back as it should be.
Of1 - you posted on a thread from last December and threads over a month old don't come into Latest Posts.
Question Author
Thanks for the info Mamyalynne. I should maybe just leave it all to the experts.
No problem, good luck with the quiz.

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