The Km Links Game - June Week 3

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seekeerz | 03:03 Sat 17th Jun 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - well we have the grey skies but that's about as far as it's going to go rain to speak of and our farmers are getting anxious ...usually by this time all the sowing has been done and paddocks are starting to look green again.
It will all come in one big whack and wash all the topsoil away again ... :((

Nothing too sad about the links today, but I think they will test us .... again !!


And woe betide the person who doesn't read the clues and puts 'hunting pink' !!

As always, everyone is very welcome to join in - just be sure to post your entry before midnight Sunday and do please check your entry has 'arrived' ...seems like a couple have gone missing in the last little while.

I'll be on deck to calculate and post the results early Monday morning and then we can set about dismembering the outcome !!

We're getting to the business end of the month, so best feet forward and hopefully some good scores to round it all off nicely, so Good Luck to us ALL !!


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I'll try a couple of flowers

Clove Pink
Slip Knot
Paint Brush
Flag Iris
Question Author
Ok I've had a bit of a think and changed my mind ...

Hot Pink
Cow Slip
Paint Work
Flag Pole

Fingers crossed, again !
Pink Icing sugar
Freudian Slip
Spray Paint
National Flag
pink paraffin
slip mat
paint brush
flag pole
pink gin
slip knot
emulsion paint
flag iris
DUTCH pink
slip KNOT
paint BALL
flag STONE
pink LADY
PAY slip
paint BALL
UNION flag
Pink Panther
Freudian Slip
Gloss Paint
Union Flag
pink salmon
slip knot
paint brush
flag ship
Rose Pink
Slip Stream
Paint Brush
White Flag
Pink Lady
Cow Slip
Face Paint
Union Flag
Shocking Pink
Slip Road
Paint Brush
Flag Pole
Salmon pink
Slip knot
Paint brush
Flag pole
Second Slip
Pink Panther
Paint Brush
White Flag
Pink Gin
Slip Way
Paint Kettle
Flag Pole
Good Morning

Salmon Pink
Betting Slip
Paint Stripper
Flag Captain
Pink flush
Slip road
Flag iris
Pink GIN
slip ROAD
WET paint
Pink Carnation
Slip Road
Paint Pot
Red Flag

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The Km Links Game - June Week 3

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