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sezzles | 20:28 Tue 23rd May 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi, I am stuck with the following Dingbats Quiz answers, and some i'm not sure of!

1. Apostrophes in the shape of a D
3. A square shape with the word FAR next to it
4. YO_ _ MIND (thinking 'your mind goes blank')
5. . (bullet/middle dot) THAT IS (thinking 'that is the point')

Any help much appreciated, thanks!


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2 Better by far?
20:42 Tue 23rd May 2017
2 the bigger the better?
4&5 look fine
2 Better by far?
Question Author
Thanks! Better by far seems to make more sense as there isn't anything to suggest 'bigger'... I think!

Wish I joined this days ago - have been wrangling my brain all weekend :)
Because it's in capitals - although better by far sounds good.
Thanks - yet it depends what the setter had in mind.
1 I'd?
3 Far out of square. A long way off square??
5. That is beside the point
4. You're (UR) out of your mind
I think number three is simply "FAR OUT".
Normally with dingbats if there is a square box, the answer is usually a term relating to where the wordis in relation to the box. Here it is "out" of the box. Therefore "far out".
Question Author
Great, thank you all so much! The D in the Apostrophes i'm still not sure about but i shall put 'I'd' if nothing else :)
In number 1., could the apostrophes be commas?
In that case comma D ( comedy).
Just a thought.
Or maybe not.

Question Author
Handed in but not had results yet - thanks all :)

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