Folkestone Lions Club C/d 28Th May 2017

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oxburgh2 | 16:04 Mon 15th May 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Circular Tour of Uk.
3 Fine New Jersey Playground 10 letters (Cornwall) 10 No more liberty for Bradley 7 letters (after Newport) 11 Hard to understand when he 7 letters (before Fishguard) 16 Song at twilight - Ouch! 7 letters 18 We hate "Noisy Neighbours" 10 letters 39 Town of the "doomed" 11 letters 60 What? Nobody? 8 letters. Any help would be appreciated.


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18 peacehaven?
60 coventry?
39 Bridlington?

Was used as setting for the dad's army film
11 mumbles
Question Author
Thank you mallyh and Toorak.
10. Swansea (Bob Bradley sacked as manager - Swansea play at the Liberty Stadium)
18. Manchester (Man Utd reference to Man City)
39. Fraserburgh (Fraser in Dad's Army, "we're all doomed")
Still struggling with 3, 16, 24, 56, 60 and 96 - clues would be gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance.
can you give the clues ?
Question Author
I still need No 3 & 16 myself, thank you wiggers99, for 24 I have Carlisle, 56 Lincoln, 60 Coventry ( given by mallyh), 96 Plymouth, hope this helps.
24. Carlisle was my first thought but it isn't "16 miles from Bonnie Scotland". More like 16km, a typo perhaps?
56. Also thought it might be Lincoln but not a good fit with the clue.
60. Coventry? Can't see how that works with "What? Nobody?".
96. Also thought Plymouth but again not a good fit with the clue.
60 When you are sent to Coventry no one speaks to you

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Folkestone Lions Club C/d 28Th May 2017

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