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barfred | 12:20 Tue 09th May 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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further to question asked before any help please q52 the head of beta(9,6,5)


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I am still struggling on 13. On June 23rd 1963 he was made Astronaut of the year.(7,5,6) 59. One of a select 24. (7,7) and 52
i'm not getting anywhere with this I've looked up british extra terrestrial agency and nothing comes up .think it may start professor ??
13 Think early space puppet show!
There were only 6 landings X 2 astronauts per landing = 12 people who walked on the moon. HOWEVER there was a total of 8 missions that flew to the moon, and each had a crew of 3. Therefore only 24 people "flew to the moon". There is only one astronaut in this "elite" 24 that has 7 letters in both his Christian name and his surname. He was the guy left behind when Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon! I hope you get it from this!
I found professor memory alpha, professor at memory beta (star trek)
looks like it's a fan base for trekkies ^^^
Excellent Calibax - that took me right back to one of my earliest TV memories!;action=click

(You require the Space City Special - episode!)
Thank you all

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Enter Your Question Title Herefinal Frontier

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