Anagrams Of Country Music Singers Or Songs

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colin76 | 13:23 Fri 05th May 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1, bet lucky keg run
3, I everlasting lord
7, skylarks gig
10, other youth on edge lingo
12, I brew ox lilac
13, a clan bans blown hall
19, god won't interview ego lad
21, honeys ate now
22, both long undertaken
25, I good as I am

Mayfield social club. C/d 13th may 2017


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12 Boxcar Willie
21 ones on the way
25 Adios amigo ?
22 blanket on the ground
19 devil went down to Georgia
1 nearly... blue Kentucky girl
1 is an angram of Kentucky Bugler ????
3] Traveling soldier - usually with apostrophe without the 'g' though? [Travelin']
3. Travelin' (g) Soldier (The Dixie Chicks + others)

However there is no "G" just an apostrophe!
sorry cupid - you were not there when I was researching it!
13 Wabash Cannonball (Johnny Cash) + LL spare
Sorry other versions eg Boxcar Willie = Walbash Cannonball + 1x L spare (some pronounce it wallbash, walbash or wabash)
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Still looking for number 7 and 10 please many thanks

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Anagrams Of Country Music Singers Or Songs

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