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AB Editor | 11:25 Tue 02nd May 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Welcome to the May 2017 edition of the Quizzes & Puzzles round up. I hope you've enjoyed the smattering of bank holidays we've had recently, and made the most of the sunshine (while we had it!).

Check back to the April Quizzes and Puzzles Round Up thread to see results, thanks from setters and how much money was raised!

NOTICE: Please remember it is vital that you add contact details i.e. email or postal address, the closing date, the cost, where the quiz funds will be going and the theme of the quiz, thanks.

If you have already added your quiz elsewhere to AB you can just post the link to the question as an answer to this one.

Please could you post one quiz per answer to avoid confusion, thank you.

New Quizzes & Puzzles May 2017

Closing in May 2017

1 A Good Read proceeds to MAGPAS. Mixed bag of questions. All answers are 2 word book titles. Closing date 5th May 2017.

2 Save the Children Quiz Higham Ferrers branch. 50 questions 5 sections of 10 questions. Closing date May 10th

3 2017 Family Fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support - Shaw & Crompton Committee. Mixed quiz with 72 questions in 6 categories. Closing date Saturday 13th May 2017.

4 Friockheim BC new R.C. quiz closing date Sat 27 May 2017.

5 Fenwick Church Fete Junior Colours Quiz (up to age 12). Closing date 30th May 2017.

6 Fenwick Church Fete - Makes and/or models of cars quiz. Closing date 30th May 2017

7 The Village Hall At Heage Picture Quiz. Closing date 31st May 2017

8 Breast Cancer Now Quiz. Mixture of 30 cryptic and anagram clues on various themes. Closing date 31 May 2017

9 Car models Quiz from Rhodes Minnis Methodist Church. 55 questions. Closing date May 31, 2017. 10 Down on the Farm quiz in aid of 6th Chatteris Brownies. 30 cryptic questions to find items found on a farm. Closing date 31st May 2017

Closing in June 2017

11 Tools Quiz in aid of St Columba's Church Funds. 25 mixed question. Closing date: Saturday 3rd June 2017. 12 Macmillan Cancer Support: Movies. Closing Date 3rd June

13 BQ19, in aid of St Mary's Church Hall Fund. Closing date 4 June 2017.

14 SPRING/EASTER quiz in aid of the Romanian Aid Foundation. 30 questions with EA ST or ER in the answer, 15 clues on films/books/songs with a flower in the answer and 15 clues on people with flowers in their names. Closing date: 10th June, 2017

15 Dance Quiz In Aid Of Breast Cancer Care. Closing date 14th of June 2017.

16 UK Natural History. St. Guthlac's Ladies' Guild. Forty clues for you to solve. Closing date on 15th June, 2017.

17 "Riddles" for Macmillan Cancer Support. 32 questions. Closing date 30th June 2017.

18 Animals Quiz from Friockheim & Kinnell Church Closing date 30th June 2017.

19 Chatteris Community Group "Cash in the Attic" Quiz. 40 words that may be heard in the auction room. Closing date 30 June

20 Alzheimer's Society Quiz. The Body. 100 Cryptic & General Knowledge Questions relating to the body. Closing date is 30th June 2017.

21 Space, The Final Frontier. Raising money for Water Aid. All answers are people/animals, real or imaginary, who have a connection with space.

22 Three Vowels Together Quiz - in aid of Treetops Hospice Care. 30 Questions – all answers contain "Three vowels together"e.g. Hawaii. Closing Date 30th June 2017

Closing July 2017

23 Holiday Quiz in aid of the RAP Foundation. Closing date is 2nd July 2017.

24 Insects Quiz in aid of Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool 30 mixed questions. Closing date: Tuesday 18th July 2017

Closing August 2017

25 Knit & Natter for Charity Perth. Summer Quiz. 30 questions on Summer. 50p. Closing date 4th August 2017

26 Quiz for the Lincolnshire Ileostomy & Internal Pouch Support Group. 70 General Knowledge questions. Closing date 26th August, 2017.

Closing in September 2017

27 Offspring Quiz for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. Closing date 14th September 2017

Closing in October 2017

28 The Annual Blesma Place Names Quiz for 2017. Once again, all of the answers are the names of places in Great Britain. The closing date is 31st October

29 Buxton Mountain Rescue Quiz 12 60 questions Cryptic/General Knowledge/Anagrams of place names in British Isles containing a colour or shade of colour. Closing date 31st October 2017.

Please remember it is vital that you add contact details ie email or postal address, the closing date, the cost, where the quiz funds will be going and the theme of the quiz,thanks.

If you have already added it to AB you can just post the link to the question.

Please could you post one quiz per answer to avoid confusion, thank you.

If you are asking for help with a quiz, please can you ensure to include the quiz title and closing date.

Happy Quizzing!


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MAGPAS 'Spring quiz' closes 3rd August.
100 assorted questions in 10 relevant sections. To obtain a copy either send donation and SAE (cheques payable to MAGPAS) to Diane Wakeling, 3 Lark Rise, Hardwick Cambs CB23 7XZ or pay via please make it clear who the donation is from and email [email protected] following payment.
Just a word to any new quizzers. MAGPAS quizzes despite advertising on Answerbank adhere to a strict no asking on internet sites policy. I only add as not clear in the posting given. Good​ luck to all who enter :-).


A cryptic quiz where all the answers relate to occupations and employments is now available. The quiz is designed to raise funds for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust ( Prizes are £100 in total and the Rotary Club of Tiverton is sponsoring so all donations will go to the charity. Copies of the quiz may be obtained by emailing [email protected] Closing date is 31.8.17
^^Correction to above.

Answers contain the letters ARM or LEG consecutively. Mix of Cryptic GK or ANAGRAMS. available from [email protected] £1.00 coin or cheque payable to St Andrew's Church PCC Epworth post to 111A Westgate Belton DN9 1PY. CD 6th September
Ta Ed for the above correction.
lizzies quizzes (25) closing 8/7/2017
question 38, is there a missing letter to this question? I have an answer if there is an L between Hand C

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