Alzheimers - C/d 8 April 2017

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Tuvok | 13:08 Wed 05th Apr 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This is a 2 part quiz - I'm stuck on the following from Part 2 (and have just discovered that some of my answers for Part 1 are not 6 letters - so I may be back for help with them!)

Homophones – Two words that sound the same, but are spelt differently and
have different meanings.

(There is no distinction in where the clue spilts)

Give relief to the poor with these (4)

Between the ribs and hips was uncultivated (5)

The grass was not in the right direction (3)

Ask where it is and put clothes on (5,4)

A decisive question could be black or white (5)


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1 Alms, arms
2. Waist, waste
3 Rye/Wry?
between ribs etc .....waist ..waste
(a)Wry Rye
Which witch (witches are black or white witches)
4 where ...wear
5. Witch
Question Author
I wondered about

where ...wear

because the clue had WHERE in it!!!!!!

Some of the answers to me don't sound alike eg. there is one question

Painful cutting device (4,3) - which I have SORE and SAW for - but I would pronounce SORE to rhyme with OAR and SAW to rhyme with LAW - so for the answer

Alms, arms - I would pronounce ALMS to rhyme with PALM and not arms!!!

I will return once I'm sorted my problems with Part 1 answers!!!!
Oar and law rhyme and palm is pronounced parm so the answers are ok
Question Author
Here are the ones from Part 1 - 6 letter words starting with the letter indicated. (Wish I'd noticed the 6 letter part when I started this quiz - the amount of answers I've had to change!!!!!!!)

C - A sugar-coated sweet

I - Burst in suddenly

T - Sluggish or lazy

Y - Tiresome chatter (yabber or yammer or something else?)

X - Woody tissues (xylems?)

W - A type of cloth (woolen?)

S - Slimy mud or a mud-flat
or wincey
Question Author
Never heard of most of that words!

Thanks all.

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Alzheimers - C/d 8 April 2017

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