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wm333 | 13:11 Mon 06th Mar 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Due 31 March

1 Tv soap with handfuls of digits and a loud noise
2 Botanical gardens?
3 Daft on top of a short name
4 Dead presidents wife and victor

Help appreciated.


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Can you give us an example of one you've done please. Are they just the names of memorable women? Any number of letters given?
4 Eva Peron ?
1. Kaley Cuoco
starred in both 8 Simple Rules & The Big Bang Theory
how did you work those answers out ,just can't see it x
Guessing mallyh!
tv Series loud noise = Big Bang and, Tv series handful of digits thought of both Beverley Hills 90..... and 8 simple rules. Kaley Cuoco starred in both 8 simple rules and The Big Bang Theory. could be something completely different.

We need guidance from wm333
Purely a guess Mally. Argentian Presidents Wife who ultimately became Spiritual Leader of Argentina. ?
thanks I've been looking for a woman called corrie lol x
Having said that Isabel Perón would be better as she succeed Juan Pern to the presidency on his death ?
Glad it's not just me mallyh.
I didn't understand any of those answers!
2 very very iffy ....rosa parks
Best answer so far Mallyh
Whoo oo!

3 Mad-on- na(me)
Nice one Captain!
just for you mallyh - I can't get Corrie (cory) Aquino out of my head! But it doesn't fit!
yes - excellent captain
Question Author
How about Corrie ten Boom for number 1?
Still struggling with number 4 though.
Thanks to all so far for suggestions.
^Sounds good wm333 though I must admit I've never heard of her.

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