Bird Quiz Shropshire Guild Closing Date 31.01.17

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khc3008 | 17:15 Sun 01st Jan 2017 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Struggling with the following.....any help would be appreciated.
Local Guild Quiz - answers will be Birds of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
1) Professor Augustus Barclay (5,10) Have worked out Woodpecker for the 10 letters only
2)Leafy green vegetable for the pot (7)
3)PR to cordial love (8,6)
4) Proposed law by an irate Caledonian (8,9)
5)An American might call your baby this (4)
6)Juliet tells a porky - it's not 9 but ? (7) Answer to question 9 is nightingale
7)Liverpudlian apoogises (4)
8) Captain Jack, done for and nonplussed (4,3,7)
9) Fleetwood Mac single with a bright proboscis (11,9) Mockingbird????

Many thanks


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1 Green Woodpecker
9 Yellow-nosed albatross
9 White-capped albatross?
8 Dead Sea Sparrow?
8 Kill the Sparrow?
7 Sozz?
3 is almost an anagram of Collared something
4 Scottish Crossbill
2 Peacock
3 Collard doves?
8 Dead (done for) (at) sea (nonplussed) (Captain Jack) Sparrow
2 might also be Peafowl though not sure about "leafy"
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Thank you for all the help so far. x

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Bird Quiz Shropshire Guild Closing Date 31.01.17

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