Rainbow Q81 (I'm in charge)

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m47 | 17:30 Thu 13th Oct 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Anyone got anything better than 'managing' for the first word? It seems an ok answer to me but not 'tight' enough really.


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i'd go with managing as it does mean organising, which after al is what you're doing to the creditors!
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thanks Goofy. It's the best I can come up with too, but Rainbow clues usually leave me in no doubt once I've figured them out.
Taskmaster (its an anagram of Marks a test)
Sorry wrong question
m47  I almost asked the very same question a few minutes ago. I share your views entirely in terms of not being "tight" enough. Every other clue seems so sharp in comparison. I am pleased that someone else feels the same way.
I know by the look of things that most people are looking at directors,my answer for this does not include the word directors.I think that some are not satisfied with directors either and I think rainbow compilers have conned most people with this clue

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Rainbow Q81 (I'm in charge)

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