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Angleflame | 18:28 Wed 02nd Nov 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Any help would be appreciated, please

1. A type of grain in Kent (3)
2. A request to send the container (5)
3. A dangerous mark preceeds this region (11)
4. Think Elmer likes sight seeing in a cold country(3,7)

Thank you :)


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1 Rye
Rye's wrong. It's in Sussex!
2 Bin go
Question Author
You are right, Rye is wrong :D :D Thanks for trying x
1 All I can think of is Hop, but don't see the connection.
There seem to be a lot of setter's errors lately. I suspect that Rye is correct and the setter simply doesn't know his/her geography!

(Hop is unlikely to be right, JD33, as hop are flowers but grains are seeds)
Hops are flowers though, aren't they?
Thought so. I agree with you. Cock-up in the geography dept.
Crossed posts :-)
4 is an anagram of 'think elmer' : The Kremlin
Question Author
I think you are right. After all the Isle of Grain is in Kent and Rye could be the grain.
Scar borough
Question Author
Thank you for your help.

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