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pinkee | 22:03 Tue 27th Sep 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1 The way she does it is to boil, roast or fry. (1 word)
8 Sounds to sack male! ( 1 word)
19 Residential area could have a spy! (2 words)
23 Theres’ six romans by a vehicle (1 word)
48 He may be on a board or with a clapper one (1 word)
53 Is he going along on a sport errand? (1 word)
59 Journey with a go-between? (2 words)
66 That cherub appears to be up on the roof! (1 word)
73 An amphibian and guy go deep (1 word)

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1 cook?
8 fireman
48. Director.
8 fireman
23 vicar
19 estate agent
73 frogman
73 frogman
59 travel agent?
66 Thatcher? (in the clue)
^ and a thatcher would be up on the roof!
66 Thatcher written in clue
sorry, crossed.
53 Suggest Pedlar?
Question Author
Thank you all very much. So obvious when you know the answer!
53 porter? (in the clue)

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Jobs And Occupation Quiz

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