Somercotes Quiz 17 Measurement C/d1 Oct

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granny grump | 14:11 Sun 25th Sep 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can you help with the following - no number of letters given Any sort of measurement length, weight,capacity, time etc

4. American garden
6 Around the Church belonging to God
24 Principal or very small amount
27 Wild cat
28 Plumb line needed


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14:13 Sun 25th Sep 2016
4 yard
4 Yard
27 ounce
Question Author
Thank you all Just left with 2 I've never heard scruple used in that context
6 acre God's acre is the churchyard
Scrupulous as ever, Dannyk13
28 Fathom ?
2. (Verb) To measure to the bottom with a fathom pole or line, as to fathom the depths of a pond, to plumb ?
Question Author
Thank you emeritus answered and explained
Question Author
Sorry I missed one

13 Portia asked for this

I have seen it as'Pound of flesh' - but I thought that was Shylock
Question Author
Thank you Jo
You're welcome, GG :)

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Somercotes Quiz 17 Measurement C/d1 Oct

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