Find The Names Of Racehorses

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scampiboy | 09:23 Wed 10th Aug 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1, put on highest point ,dad,pole,morris
2, harry & williams aunt + s.pouch in trousers
3, march between utd. & city + en ,rum etc
thank you


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1. Spa's Dancer
2. Pocket Princess
2 Annes Rocket ?
Put on highest point
I prefer my answer to number 2 rather than yours, emeritus:-) Harry and William are princes + s = princess (Aunty Anne is a princess) - pocket = pouch in trousers. Pocket Princess won 2 from 15 races and was retired in 2015. Spa's Dancer is still active and has won 4 from 63 - last ran on 24 June 2016 when 3rd of 4. Just saying:-)
Do you follow horse racing, Ken? ;o))
Maybe it is Ken. But wouldn't the clue be the other way round

i.e Pouch in trousers. Harry and Williams aunt + s ?
I have a bet every day, scorpiojo:-)
emeritus; maybe, but i don't have any rockets in my trousers - wll, not that i know of:-)
Rhyming slang Ken = Pocket = Sky Rocket

I realise it maybe an odd suggestion but this quiz setter has a history of some very obscure answers I believe.

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Find The Names Of Racehorses

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