All Change For The Tube

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crofter | 11:45 Wed 29th Jun 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have just received my entry for the Tube Quiz and was disappointed to have made a couple of errors, namely:
24. No meal ought on any account to include this. I put BURNT OAK
75. Historian heads urban area. I put CANNON STREET

Does anyone got the correct solutions?

I was quite pleased with my tie breaker:
Heads of Every Undereground Station Test Old Networks (6) EUSTON

Hey Ho!


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75. White City ?
There are plenty of historians with White as a surname
Do they not send the correct answers with your entry? Why not contact the setter and ask for correct solutions.
Was there a historian called Canning (Canning Town)?
I've been through them all and nothing obviois jumped out. Whatw a sthe thinking behind Burn Oak?
Has Ealing Common been used elsewhere? It occurred to me that the letters of NO MEAL and AC are in there. However it just leaves the letters of COM ING so is probably wrong
(Could be Clapham if said by someone in a Chinese accent to describe a meal.)
Was 82 Turnham Green?
Yes that would be a great answer for 24
Kathleen Canning is a historian
On second thoughts, Turnham Green (whether it's turn ham green or turn'em green) doesn't quite work for 24
answers came with my returred sheet: 24 Loughton,75 acton central
24 - just spotted it's hidden in clue. Don't recall seeing that station before- I'll look at my map

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All Change For The Tube

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