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seekeerz | 01:58 Sat 18th Jun 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Here are today's shaded clues for you -

25a With around 4,800 recorded species an amphibian etc collectively known as an army [4]

8d Insects that communicate through a system of waggle dancing [4]

45d Smallest member of the horse family, once referred to by William Thackeray as a 'cardophagus' [6]

52d Kitchen ---- drama; form of realism as in John Osborne's Look Back in Anger [4]


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45d) Donkey
02:03 Sat 18th Jun 2016
25a] frog

8d] bees

45d] ?

52d] sink
45d) Donkey
45d] donkey?
Yep, cardophagus: An eater of thistles; hence, a donkey.
Google kept saying do you mean....and trying to spell cardophagus differently...
Same here, but I insisted thistle do.
Question Author
good morning folks, how're things ??
So you only need 1 out of 4 now for a BA ;-(
Question Author
yeah, google kept asking did I want a sarcophagus ...silly bl()dy thing !!
Question Author
now now, cupid, don't be testy was the missing one xx
You left the hardest for me Cupes, hee hee.

Hi Seekeerz, damp up here again, will be for a few days. Quite enjoying it as we don't usually get much.

How's things down south?
How's Dame Edna doing?
Question Author
I was wondering if you'd get any of the promised rain, sounds like the east coast is in for a belting again ....we've had some very nice falls and the dams are filling which is as it should be !!

cupid...Dame Edna is doing very well thank you, just the gladiolli have been disappointing this year and she's hibernating in Moonee Ponds again ...comes out covered in muck !!
Had an unusual amount over the last few weeks, won't be long before the farmers are having a moan, the weather is never just right ;-)
It's the same with farmers over here...they can be a pain you know ;-))

It's been a really wet June so far here but very warm...especially at night when there's no air and you're trying to get some kip!

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Fao - The Km Players

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