The Km Links Game - June Week 2 Results

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seekeerz | 03:04 Mon 13th Jun 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - from a very chilly morning here in South Oz, where the temp is still hovering down in low single digits and the polar bears are wearing their woolly socks and very colourful beanies !! ....the things we endure to have a lovely day later on !!

And as far as those links went ....if you didn't pick something that started with 'c' you were right behind the 8 ball ...

Bush Craft
Custard Cream
Cottage Cheese
Speed Camera

And accordingly points were rather hard to come by and most of us stayed where we were from last week, but a few Bright Lights collected 3 points, which will show on the mini Leader Board which follows ....

Needless to say, it'll be all hands on deck over the next two weeks to get ourselves into some sort of shape for the end of the month...


4 points - cliffyg

3 points - angler57, Aquagility, Baldric, eccles, iminoz, jillywiskas, sadielady, Sam1960, Chris H & wickedtongue.

2 points - 13 players

1 point - 18 players

Not too bad, really, though there's quite a few still imbibing in the Club rooms, I'll be chasing you out with me besom if you're not careful....

Congratulations to all the points scorers, keep up the good work, till next week, stay safe, and cheers Steff


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Hi Steff
I think I also went with the Cs (cottage and cream)
Hope your weather warms up soon. It 's warm here but been pouring with rain for the last hour or so.
Thanks for all your hard work x
Question Author
Hi Doof, yes my apologies I have you down for 3 points for today, but missed you (not intentionally) from the Leader Board....all will be rectified next week ....again, sorry :((
No worries Steff.
Thanks again for all you do
Nil points for me. Considering we are nearly into summer (21 June) here in North East England temperature is 12 with thick fog
oooh, I scored 1 point (doing a happy dance!)

well done point scorers.

Thanks Steff x
Grrr, what is bush craft????
Shar, don't ask, lol
if this was in Chatterbank you'd get a load of answers, ranging from landing strip to a brazilian

It's where the natives make things out of local trees, plants etc etc
Guess you have to think like an Aussie to play this game!!!!

Anyone recommend a site for Aussie idioms?!?! Lol
Thanks for all the hard work, Steff
Question Author
Thanks iminoz, but I feel we let down our side, not getting 'bush craft' !!

Enjoyed the happy dance, alba xx

Sharon, you just have to think like Kate to get the answers, trouble is, few of us do !! :))
Well nul points this week, holding onto Un point in week one.

Think my 'Bush Tucker' was on the right lines, getting closer.
Thank you Seekeerz, good luck to all on week three.

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The Km Links Game - June Week 2 Results

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