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pega | 22:04 Tue 04th Oct 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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would be grateful for help please

1  regurgitated slime covers colt born to die 7

2 painter's friend is second to enter 7 ??t???e

3very bad fad ruled out 8 ?r?a????

4  dispatch to err about top of pole for repair 6 ????r?

5 flaying monarch outside pub,feel eager expectations  at going round   8.  5.???n?i?g ???v?



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5.Skinning alive
3.dreadful..Anagram of ...fad ruled
2. Could be artiste

2 is Matisse

<*>** + * (second) in mate ...anagram of err with letter of pole.
sorry these are one by one.had a tooth out today and still feel a bit under the weather!
what happened there?  I typed the word IS + s for second.
Goodness me! I see what has happened.  The robots have taken the hidden new paragraph code - you know, the one that often turns up by mistake on the end of pasted URLs (<P>) - and combined it with the is and the s to come up with a banned word.  The robots really had to work overtime for that one!
Pity they don't work overtime in Chatterbank !!!
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thanks shaneystar  and gen 2 your great

take care shaneystar  hope you have a good night I dread going to dentist.

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sat guardian

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