Kinoulton Scout Group Sequences Quiz Cd 30Napril

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granny grump | 18:49 Sun 24th Apr 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Really struggling with the last 6 sequences please can you help - Hope that I can describe them properly. What is the sequence and the 4th entry

1. 2007:KR 2009:JB 2013:SV

2. 3 4 (in a black box) 5 6 (in a blue box) 7 8 (in a red box)

3. Semibreve - minim - quaver (I think this is what the pictures are)

5. Ant - 5 legged cow - 3d lunar module

6. Mr Strong - Mr Clever - Mr Happy

10. Original design for Chinese flag - Flag of USA - Flag of Canada

Happy to help with any others


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6 Mr Nosey is the 4th book.
5 bird
5 human
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Thank you Tilly I couldn't find the Mr Men sequence. Can you explain 5?
Something with two legs?
No, that's not right. 6, 5, 4 legs. Something with three legs.......?.....tripod?
What's got three legs?
Isle of Man insignia, milking stol, tripod
Semibreve - minim - crochet - quaver
1. 2007 KR Kimi Raikkonen
2009 JB Jenson Button
2013 SV Sebastian Vettel
2014 LH Lewis Hamilton

Formula One Racing World champions
Question 1 is something to do with Grand Prix drivers but sorry I don't know just what.
2 Are they boxes or squares. Posted differently by Shaley in related questions.
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They are more oblong than square

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Thank you all for your help just left with 2 & 10

I would never have got the others without you all
Why is Mr Nosey The 4th book?
Just because Mr Nosey was the 4th. book. :-)

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Kinoulton Scout Group Sequences Quiz Cd 30Napril

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