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katwoman | 19:51 Sun 10th Jan 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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26, repairer of old streets(7)

69, burst the balloon with the vocalist (3,6)

37, a person to avoid at all costs (3,9)

thanks for any help


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Pop singer
26 cobbler?
26 cobbler ?
37 Tax inspector
Tax inspector
I'm still stumped on the following - any help would be very much appreciated:

18. Estate owner (8)
25. Marine chandler (8)
30. Decision to bart (6)
48. Sounds like a dale or glen (5)
50. Motor proceeded her majesty (8)
51. A sudden rush forward (7)
74. Doesn't half sell things (10)
89. Puts the Lego in a tier (10)

74 wholesaler
89 bricklayer
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thanks pixie374 and granny grump.18,landlord ?.48,valet.still got a few more to do
Please post the Bart answer when you have it? Seen it asked a few times now x
48 Valet - sounds like valley
50 Engine-ER
51 surgeon
18 Landlord?
Apologies to katwoman - hadn't noticed you had answered 18 and 48 until now!
Sorry to highjack your post katwoman & thank you for your help just left with:

25. Marine chandler (8)
28. Side of a garment with added tension (10) (Missed it till I counted my answers)
30. Decision to bart (6) (And I know every one is stumped on this one)

28 Seamstress
Thank you Doof
89 Bricklayer

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Occupations 16Th Jan

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