Christmas Dingbats

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hops | 12:44 Thu 07th Jan 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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hi, now that this quiz is closed, may i ask what entrants put for the answer to one of them which was either 'lights on the tree' or 'lights on the christmas tree'
i was unsure with nordmann fir as this is basically a tree that is popular at christmas. it is also i believe used in ornamental parks all the year round. i never know what to put with this type of question as both answers would appear correct but only one ii likely to be approved, you could , then say that because noel was never mentioned in the clue then 'lights on the tree' is correct or you could say that 'normann fir' is a [christmas] tree, and 'light on the christmas tree' is correct. how do answer this type of question please.


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If you mean 13 I put lights on the christmas tree but time will tell. I lost marks last year for not putting the word 'the' in some of my answers.He will explain why he accepts his answer so we now have to wait
It is with bated breath I await a couple of answers 'Havana Club' being one.

Always good quizzes though, really enjoy them.
Question Author
that seems harsh, smouse, he once said he wasn.t too bothered about the definate article, i agree, mamyalynne, it is a good quiz but there is ambiguity in some questions although he does say that if you can convince him of your answer he will accept it. i . too put ' lights on the christmas tree' but i am not sure about it, maybe he will accept both answers but i still think one will be marked wrong, happy new year to all, hops
heibron I recall seeing this as once in royal david city hebron + 1
Question Author
heibron was 'christmas rose' it refers to the judge rose heilbron and has the letter 'L' missing, now that one i am sure of.
I wondered if it was to narrow down those with all correct but yes I thought it was harsh too
Wonder how many put Once in Royal Davids City
Question Author
for it to be 'once in royal david's city' then there would have had to be two 'ones' missing in heibron when it was clearly the letter 'L'that was missing .that was a question with only one valid answer, but another one that confused me was TINSEL written over WALNUT. this is again ambiguous as it could be 'tree decoration' i.e. tree decorate-on or 'decorate the tree' or simply if you say what you see, 'decoration on the tree' . so there we have 3 answers, all correct in their own way but which one is it? indeed it could be something else altogether, no,give me the set question and set answer format every time, you know where you are then, enjoyable in its own way and for an excellent cause though
I knew why it wasnt once in royal david's city
Question Author
yes,smouse, i thought so, but what did you put for TINSEL written over WALNUT
better make yours the last posting or we will have erasures for not asking or answering questions ,like you experienced before,
I'm afraid I went far more straightforward with that one and said exactly what I saw - 'Tinsel on the tree'.

I agree a very enjoyable quiz, though like you not my favourite type.

I doubt there will be 'erasures' the chat has been polite and on topic, though I suppose one could suggest Chatterbank as a good place to chat - can't see it matters in this case.

I put decoration on the tree but feel its going to need more than that
You're right thougth I think it is chat but its quiz chat but if its removed that's fine with me

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