My Letter To The Daily Express.

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teacher1 | 15:04 Mon 02nd Nov 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi there,

For more years than I care to remember I have been reading The Daily Express, and apart from reading the newspapers themselves I also enjoy doing the crosswords and competitions especially those that might let me win a prize. Over time in the past I have been lucky enough to have won several of these prizes, and would obviously like to win a few more.

I really like entering the Mentathlon Comps in Friday's paper ..... Quiz of the Week, Words, Muddlesome, Ditloids, Clock-wise and Sumthing, but now I realise that it is costing quite a bit of money to enter all six competitions individually. With the cost of the postcards and stamps it works out quite expensive. There is also waste of materials with possibly six postcards from each entrant (I do hope you do recycle them).

I was wondering if there was any cheaper way of entering these six comps (even telephone is expensive) .... possibly on-line ? Or, all six answers to be written on one postcard. Each competition winner could be drawn out in turn .... e.g. The Quiz of the Week winner could be drawn out first and the winnwer's details noted and then the postcard replaced in draw if the entrant has entered more than one competition. Then the second competition winner could be drawn out and the process repeated again until all six prizes have been allocated.

This of course would save your readers using too many postcards and would also allow them to save greatly on postage.

I would look forward to your thoughts on this matter.

Thank you,

D Express reply ........

Hello and sorry for the delay in replying to your email. Your first email was passed on to a person who could answer your query but, sadly, that person has been ill and therefore unable to deal with the issue. You raise an interesting point but, sadly, I can offer you no succour at the moment. I have passed on your thoughts for consideration.

This is the third time I have offered alternatives ways of entering competitions in this newspaper and ....... this is the third time in two years that the person who deals with such matters has been off ill !!!!! I don't think they are interested in saving their readers money or helping the environment by saving on materials ....... any thoughts ?


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No need to buy postcards. You can get them free from the local cinema or use greetings cards.

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My Letter To The Daily Express.

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