Whats In A Name

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barfred | 11:18 Wed 14th Oct 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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still getting nowhere with questions 22,35 and 38 in this quiz. Really frustrating can anyone help please


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any clues?
12:08 Wed 14th Oct 2015
any clues?
Sorry barfred i can't help with your questions. I am missing questions part or question 37 all I have is

Outspoken activist for Indian rights .......................

and all of question 39.

Please can you help to fill them in?
Outspoken activist for Indian rights who wrote poetry. Barfred
says you should get this keemosaby. The face t0 launch a thousand shapes very small branch.
Post the questions so that we can try and help
Thank you dimple - sorry to be a pain do youi have the letter count as well Thank you
37 - 3,11// 6,4,5

39 - 6 // 6,6
Oh I am an absolute numpty - it is 38 not 39 that I need

Can I presume on your good nature and ask for the details for question 38

sorry sorry sorry

Thank you for your help mammya
38 Princess Anne - 6,7 // 6,8,6
thank you for your patience mamya
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q 22 a showy fragrant flower with a township in ontario 4,5/4,5,7,7
q 35 sounds like the carbonhas to kowtow 4,7/4,5
q 38 Princess Anne 6,7/6,8,6
sorry with delay internet acting up !!!!

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Whats In A Name

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