Items Found Around The Home

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lollilily | 17:25 Sun 04th Oct 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone help with these, the answers to these clues are items found around the home.

11. Gypsies sold these, railway or shopping
thought peg bag or basket but cannot see the second part being right?

100. No members of the public allowed at a hearing.

Thank you


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100. (in) camera?
100 (in) camera?
100. (in) camera?
I really must learn to type faster!
Great minds, and all that, ellie?
Of course, bookbinder! Did you get the pun, snap?
Oh, yes, of course! Very sharp, I thought!
Thank you! Praise indeed!
dolly pegs
(railway dolly
dolly(shopping) bag)
Question Author
Thank you all
help help please anybody
things found in the home
Catch very fine bits, was mostly yellow =
Like rock & take car for a spin =
Fish or bread one, Badgers have this =
Get a bale of these =
Scattered on verges,some have wheels on =

Thanks for any help
Get a bale of these..... Cottonwool balls
Like rock & take car for a spin =hard drive?

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Items Found Around The Home

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