Around And About Agincourt (1415) Closing Date 25 Sept

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granny grump | 18:27 Wed 09th Sep 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can you help with the following:

59. Limb gets our protection (6)
62. Fictional agency led his all around (6)
64. Bets good man gets a thousand and two directions (6)
66. cricket house (5)
69. Forest to court 500 and go ashore (8)
71. Is he responsible for the safety of the delivery vehicle in front (8)
73. Pointer gets right in a noise (5)
78. Top ran and perfectly normal flag (5 8)


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59. arm our
73. a r row
69 woodland
71 vanguard
-- answer removed --
63 shield - anag. Of his led ?
66 Lords ?
62 Shield anag his led?
78 Royal standard??
Question Author
Thank you all for your help very much appreciated
..should it read top rank?
Question Author
Yes it should jo - another typo

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Around And About Agincourt (1415) Closing Date 25 Sept

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