Saturday Night At The Movies

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Big Jenny | 10:53 Tue 18th Aug 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Clues to film titles.

42. One of 5 on 17 (7) (Answer to Q.17 is My Left Foot)
57. Lien (3,6,10)


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What's the answer to Q5, BJ?
Question Author
Q.5 answer is Gandhi.
Can't see that that is relevant. My first thought is something to do with toes (five on My Left Foot), but I've searched and searched for a film title to do with toes and can't find anything.
57. The French Connection

Jo, Answer to Q.5 is Ghandi
Is there a film called Toenail?!
Question Author
Thanks for that, Butterbun. I would never have got that one.
Thanks BB..thought it might help with 42 but..
Could be 'bigfoot'
..and thanks BJ
Excellent, scorpiojo
Question Author
Oh,that's a possibility, scorpiojo. I've always called feet tootsies, not just toes, but maybe I'm wrong.
Ta :)
Great answer Jo, I shall now change my answer.
42. Tootsie
too late, my computer running slow today, but great minds............

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Saturday Night At The Movies

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