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subez | 11:54 Tue 07th Jul 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Need help with last one please; types of sweets toffees etc.

2 x 6 (7)

Thanks in advance


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mars duo
(the answer to number 6 is mars)
We've had that a few times before GM but 'Mars duo' is two words
Question Author
did see that somewhere but don't 'get it' can you explain?
ok. Thanks captain!
I already have! The answer to number 6 is mars
and two lots of mars=mars duo
PS I only suggested it a while back as a joke because I couldn't think of anything else
Question Author
just seen your 2nd post!!! YES penny's dropped, mind you it's still not one word?
This is true. but im hoping its a n error from the setter.
Question Author
possibly, it happens.
thanks anyway.
Thats okay. I tried!
iffy toffees...... two f's 6th letter

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