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chokkie | 20:00 Thu 09th Apr 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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HI folks, have now made a list of the programmes I can find in the image, but seem to have 54. Can anyone please tell me where I've gone wrong ...

Here they are ....

Life on Mars, TV Burp, Ripper Street, The Killing, Dr. Who (Bad Wolf), Wolf Hall, Strictly Come Dancing, House of Cards, Room 101, Downton Abbey, The Apprentice, Call the Midwife, Utopia, Not goin out, Countdown, Corrie, The Voice UK, Two pints of lager and a bag of crisps, The Office, Merlin, Eastenders, Little Britain, Gavin and Stacey, I'm Alan Partridge, 30 Rock, Caribbean Food made easy, 24, Six Feet Under, Being Human, 90210, Lost, Family Guy, Spongebob Squarepants, Sherlock (A study in Pink), Inbetweeners, Piontless, Homeland, House, QI, The Big C, The Shield, the Missing, Glee, Breaking Bad, Blue Planet, I'm a Celebrity, Heroes, Low Winter Sun, Location Location Location, Woolly Mammoth the Autopsy, Torchwood, Mad Men, The Bridge.

Any help would be much appreciated, please.

Cheers, Chox.


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The big c likely to be wrong as more or less logo for celebrity get me out picture used before in RT quiz 2014. Don't see where you get Mad Men or 90210 and unsure 1 other. Otherwise getting nearly there to 50.R.
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thanks Rosejacks. Have taken those off my list, so I'm down to 51 now ... has anyone got the 50 and can help, please. Which is the one I should remove to get the 50. Thanks. Chox.
Hi Chokkie. I agree with Rosejacks about The Big C, and Mad Men.
I originally had 90210 as an answer (from the letters on the Countdown board 'naomiswed' which I thought might refer to Naomi, a character in 90210) but that gave me 51 answers. I'd already got Countdown and decided there were unlikely to be two answers from the same clue so discarded 90210.
I also think Low Winter Sun is wrong as people were speculating it could be the answer to the Police Badge clue. I'm pretty sure 'The Shield' is the right answer to that clue, which you have already got so you don't need Low Winter Sun as well.
Hope all that has been some help.
I've only got 49. Took out Mad Men, The Big C, 90210 and Low Winter Sun.
Have checked and don't know where I'm going wrong.
Hi. Taking out 90210, Mad Men, The Big C and Low Winter Sun (which The Shield replaces) leaves me with 49.
Hi C4cactus. Hard to say which one you are missing without seeing your list of 49. If your list is the same as chokkie's above then the only extra one I have got is 'Big Brother' (as an answer to the camera in silhouette on the rooftop). It might not even be right though! Good luck.

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