Patron Saint Of Fishermen Please

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wiltsman | 16:01 Mon 09th Mar 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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For quiz I need to know who is the Patron Saint of Fishermen.

I seem to get two answers when I trawl the internet; St Andrew and St Peter.

Are both correct answers - or is there just one official answer?


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16:06 Mon 09th Mar 2015
Saint Peter
^^^^ Interesting link, thanx for that Baldric.
st peter
St Andrew is the patron saint of fishermen
St Peter is his brother , Both Peter and Andrew were fishermen before they became disciples. St Peter holds the keys to the gates of heaven , he is too busy as gatekeeper to have time to worry about fish ! He leaves that to his brother.
Question Author
Thank you for all your replies.
Eddie, he is the sole gatekeeper and knows his plaice.....
Eddie he is the quay man and its a nice plaice

sozza I know this isnt chatterbank
moved to Q&P :-)

auntie xxx

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Patron Saint Of Fishermen Please

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