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Cate_gory | 12:10 Sat 07th Mar 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am stckon these few please ifanyone ca help.
16,Baroness in Derbyshire......surname -
46,,Editor,journalist and author in East Sussex surname -a---i---

48,Musical conductor from below Guildford surname--r----m--
50, Easy listening singer from West Sussex surname ----l-

Thankyou for any help I must get a new map,my eyes are not so good as they used to be


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16. Baroness Richardson of Calow - Calow is apparently a village.
48. Seen as Farncombe
50 ifield
46. Seen as Max Hastings
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Thankyou very much maggiebee and mallyh for all your help.I just need no 16 Baroness in Derbyshire 4 letters christian name surname 8 letters ---e-e--
Vera Houghton ?
16 cath pinnock
pinnock is a village in gloustershire
Joan Bakewell
Much better Jo :o)
Question Author
Thankyou again maggiebee,maisie,mallyh and scorpiojo for all your help.

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