Who/what Comes Next?

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Foxy-Lady | 16:15 Wed 04th Mar 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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no number of letters given.LINCOLN,PRESIDENT,GENERAL GRANT.
thank you for your help x


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General Sharmen(grizzly bears

General Sharmen=grizzely bear.

I saw this posted a few months back. The received wisdom at the the time was that this was a list of US presidents, with President as no. 2 being a typo for Jackson, so the next in line was Hayes.
Jackdaw - do you mean typo for Johnson?
Fair enough, but I would never have got there. It's just that the sequence of presidents runs Lincoln, Jackson, Grant , Hayes so thought that President might have been a mistake. I stand corrected. I am amazed I have lived this long without a proper understanding of the giant Californian Sequoia.
Jackdaw - you appear to have missed my comment at 17:37.

Also I am amazed you have lived this long without a proper understanding of the sequence of US Presidents.
Mea culpa. Misread Johnson for Jackson. Oh, the shame!
I too thought the setter had made a mistake but was told no mistake.Thanks to Calibax for his help.I would never have got that in a million years.You never stop learning lol
stinker of a question, i couldn't see the wood for the trees

It was probably the decider question of the whole quiz - was.
Only repeating an answer already on site :(
I realise that yes.

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Who/what Comes Next?

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