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sportsnut | 20:29 Wed 21st Jan 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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its that time of year again I notice there is a few of us putting ourselves
through the yearly torture again mostly looking for the same few answers.
when I first started I thought it as easier than other years i soon changed my mind. poker night tonight but I will try and help others answer seekers tomorrow.


49.Which cricketer has a front lawn that reputedly is grass he “acquired” from the Wacca cricket ground?
(could well be a trick question) as the Australian cricket ground is spelt waca.

50.Which tennis star learnt English by listening to the American comedy channel


picture 4

24.Which title character worked as a researcher for Eagle TV’s Searchlight show

48. “Can’t talk, can’t act – she’s sensational”. Which famous actress’ opinion of Ava Gardner?
(googling its sends you straight to the studio boss Louis b Mayer which cant be right but cant find an actress who said it.)

general knowledge

picture 8 .

22. Aristotle believed there were only three and China as a country believes there are five. There are in fact seven. Seven what?

33.Which was the first national airline to officially ban smoking on its planes


pictures 8


picture 10.

42. Which Midlands band described themselves as playing multi-tone music, rather than two-tone?

49. Who replaced Marilyn with Barbara in 1984.


picture 10.

17.What do Willie Brand and Parkin Raine share

21.Which football team are nicknamed the Real Red Devils

22.Where was once dubbed Durham’s Little Hiroshima

44.Lynn Matthews, of Sunderland, almost won what in 1974


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I'm stuck on the same ones... and a couple more! tv 48 - I found the same, no mention of an actress music 10 - is it Nelly Furtado? I also need no.7
22:53 Wed 21st Jan 2015
General knowledge

Winnie Mandela?
There are the answers/ suggestions to at least 4 of these in other threads if you look around :)
I'm stuck on the same ones... and a couple more!
tv 48 - I found the same, no mention of an actress
music 10 - is it Nelly Furtado? I also need no.7
Music 42. King
Music 10- yes, i suggested Nelly Furtado as my first thought when I saw it but I can't find any pictures like it on Google images. I also suggested a younger Jessie J but it's a long-shot
Someone did hint it was something to do with S Club Juniors- the only one I know is Frankie Bridge as she's now called, but it doesn't really look like her
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general knowledge 22. I have been given guesses of wonders of the world,
colours of the rainbow.
42. raw screens who became king.
2i ne east 21. is definetly right some of the locals here suggested shildon due to a reference made by ferguson when he switched their new floodlights on.
a twitter posting "Mick J

For my sins Seaton Delaval manager. Home of the real Red Devils!

North Shields"

music 10. the same ones as you plus a young Sinead O'Connor but have nelly as favourite.

music 49. is to do with boy georges mate .

ne.17 supplied by dr pop just a bit confused as I can find no mention any where of willie brand but dr pop is not very often wrong.

ne 17 i guess of Hartlepool after the power station.

44 is it a he or she -great north run was it on then paper lad lass of the
year no strong clues.

sport 49 no idea
50 mavratilova suggested no link.

phyforous I'm pretty sure music7. is Louisa rose Allen( foxes)
Question Author
tv 24 no clues to eagle tv spot light researcher question.
tv 48. was it ava gardiner herself no ideas,
Music 49. Could this be something to do with the Band Aid single Do They No Its Christmas Marilyn apparently turned up univited to the recording session so perhaps the anwer is Bob Geldof
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yes I saw that trev if I find it i'll give you a shout.
got to take the wife out for lunch its nearly at the stage its that quiz or me
and she went mad when I tried to put it off till tomorrow when the quiz had gone in.
Problem is, as in previous years with this quiz, it could be the questions are wrong and after numerous hours of searching the question becomes VOID

Interesting to see rule 7

7.The winner is the person who has the most correct answers in the opinion of the quizmaster and the editor. In the case of a tie, lots will be drawn.

So if in their opinion 2+2 = 5 then 5 is the correct answer

As a protest I suggest no one submits an entry, that'll teach them!!!!!

Hee hee
Tom, have you always been such a bad hat :)
#dr pop - thank you I think, lol
haha - Tom - yes, it's very frustrating when the questions are wrong!

music 49 - saw that about band aid, but as far as I can tell M just turned up and sang anyway, was not replaced?

music 10 - can't see sinead

thanks for music7 - knew the face was familiar!
Question Author
no problem happy to help.
we'll keep looking
I'm about ready to call it a day. Less than 2 hours to find answers I've already been looking for for three weeks? Not gonna happen!

Anyway, pictures I'm still looking for are:
TV 4, 7, Lit 8, GK 8 (Winnie?), NE 2,10, Music 10 (Nelly?), Sport 1

sport 49 and 50 are nagging at me, sure I've seen/heard the questions before. Maybe on a tv quiz show.

Good luck everyone!
Question Author


Question Author

tv 24 no clues to eagle tv spot light researcher question

music49. Who replaced Marilyn with Barbara in 1984.

north east 44.Lynn Matthews, of Sunderland, almost won what in 1974

24 and 44 I havent even got a decent guess
seen as marilyn quayle-barbara bush
I saw that too, but it's in the music section?
Question Author
many thanks to everybody for your help

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