What Number Gets Bigger The More You Take Away?

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wiltsman | 14:17 Tue 20th Jan 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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.................. any ideas? I can't think - I did wonder if it was a negative number, but have been informed that was incorrect.


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My Bank overdraft ;o)
Are you sure that the question actually says 'number'? The riddle of "what gets bigger the more you take away?" is an old one, with the answer being 'a hole'.
whole number?
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Good one Mazie!

Buenchico - That's the answer I though initially, but am assured it is a number - it's a radio quiz.
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Apparently the answer is SIX. Because if you take away the 'S', then this leaves 'IX', which in Roman numerals is NINE. Groan!
...and if you take away the SI you are left with X which is ten.
there was an old question about what word still has the same meaning when you take away two letters... and still has it when you take away two more
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Yes Blackadder - I should have added that as well. Thank you.
...and another old one is what word, which is singular, becomes plural when you remove a letter and singular again when you remove a second letter?
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Is it Princess?

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What Number Gets Bigger The More You Take Away?

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