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Pea Brain | 18:38 Thu 08th Jan 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I see from a previous post of yours that you have actually finished the " Down on the Farm" quiz with the help of a couple of a-bers. I would be grateful for some help with question 40 - many thanks in advance !! P


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whats the question ?
Have a look in your pocket.
Question Author
Thank you both for replying ! The question, mallyh, is " A dunderhead knows how to get Elizabeth to reveal a portcullis" (6)
Many thanks for the clue TOMMO33 - I think you are more cryptic than the setter !! I do have a sort of answer but am not too happy with it ! Does it begin with T and and with R ?? ,!! P
Sorry, P. I think you're right. How about 'look in your purse'? It does begin with T, and there is an R and a P.
Question Author
Oh dear TOMMO !! I am living up to my name I'm afraid - my mind seems to have shut down over this question - I guessed ages ago that money was involved somewhere but now I can't get my own thought out of my mind.! I've looked in my purse but all that is there is a dead Christmas tree light bulb,a plaster and some fluff !!! P
Threepenny bit.
Sorry, P. That's the trouble with plastic. We never have any coins.

The answer involves our smallest present day coin. With your T R and P, I thought you were there, but perhaps not realising why. You did just ask for help, so I'm respecting that. I hope you'll work it out.
Isn't the smallest coin a five pence piece? No portcullis on them.What is the answer, please?
Question Author
Thank you SO much TOMMO !!! I think it is me who is the dunderhead here - it took me long enough but I got there in the end, thanks to your patience !!! P
Sorry, Tilly. I meant smallest in value. I should have worded it better. The answer is T?R??P. Well done, P. It's an interesting set of clues.
So the answer's turnip?
I am being exceptionally thick here!
No you're not :)
Is the answer turnip, jo?
It is...turn 1 p

Thank you, jo.
You're welcome

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