Fruit And Veg Plus Space Story

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slimseeker | 20:48 Tue 22nd Jul 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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help needed to finish this quiz please
fruit:- no.48 ... while it is clear that this one has an insect inside (8)
veg:- no.3 this veg is in short the conclusion I have reached (6)

space story answers are chocs sweets chewing gums fill in the blanks
would form in to a nebula- (7) material from which new suns would be born

and crunchie apples- (6) indeed for crews used to living on dehydrated food


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3 endive
3 endive
48 pl ant ain
Question Author
thanx ubasses and mallyh just the chocolate story that everyone seems to be struggling with
Treets indeed
Question Author
much appreciated grasscarp just the nebula-(7) material to find
Cluster is a word related to nebula and there is a chocolate caramel cluster bar
Question Author
sounds good to me grasscarp this quiz has proved very difficult thank you for your input

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Fruit And Veg Plus Space Story

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