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nungate | 19:02 Sat 28th Jun 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good evening and Welcome to Mad Over Fifties Club.
Igor is ready and waiting at the door to collect coats, cloaks and brooms for concealment around the Towers, whether or not they will be returned to their owners at the end of the evening remains to be seen.
Tonight's Tailcock will be the "Glasto Mud Bath", an earthy brew I have been informed, yet, potent! Come and dip your buckets in the vat and give it a try.......
We have organised a barbecue down on the beach, members can fix up their own favourites be it burgers, hit dogs or ribs, just go and toss something on the grill! The ice cream van has been hired for the evening and is situated down at the beach so just ask Luigi for your hearts desire. For members who do not fancy an evening on the beach we are happy to announce that the running buffet is back, all you have to do is catch it! A selection of volly vonts, canopies and horses doovers can be found in the great hall for members too slow to catch the buffet. Members wishing to dance can do so in the ballroom, where we have the Enrique Postlethwaite Samba band playing for us tonight, and for those of a more cultural bent Professor Humphrey Humphries will be giving a talk on the finer points of iambic pentameter in Shakespearian Tragedy in the library (no I haven't a clue either but it sure sounds good!)
All facilities here at the Towers are available to members with no restrictions (unlike last meeting) so feel free to make use of the extensive
range of facilities we have on offer.
A warm welcome awaits all who dare enter these portals

carriages at midnight


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Evening your nungateship, Boy that Indie can be wayward he kept trying to head out to the Atlantic, I think he wanted to go to Brazil he is loving the world cup.
Igor, my usual bucket if you please. For the roffle I have one broken Brazilian cross bar and 11 broken Chilean hearts.
Question Author
Evening Tony, I take you were rooting for Chile then? I was undecided, Alexis plays for Barca as does Neymar and Dani Alves so where should I go "support" wise? Decided to sit on the fence (yet still harbouring hopes of a Chilean win) Had a fruitful day otherwise found some interesting stuff at the library and have been wading through it.
I was hoping to see some pink knickers in the bockerglories this evening after the decree on ladies' smalls in SW19, I'll have to make do with strawbs, cream and Champers.

Evening all.....

riffle a poem all the same
up to be snaffled and framed,
game set and match
another one out of the Bard's hatch
in just a mo
an alternative to muddy Glasto.....

No not rooting for Chile really, nungate. Would have been interesting if they had have won though !.
Are you suffering with eye strain with all of that reading at the library.
Amazing what you sea in the library and have to wade through it.
Question Author
No, I wear glasses! ;-)

did notice the library was a bit damp......and I haven't been upstairs yet to access the books I cant borrow!
Evening DT, Don't think you'll see any Pink knickers at Wimbledon this year, I've seen somewhere that the rules say got to wear all White.
Can't get my head around that, nungate. A library that won't lend you some books.
Question Author
They keep the book I want for reference only it would seem, if I only knew which box my copy of it was in..................then I'd have to ask Mr N. to help me find the box and unpack it ---- I've kept him so busy shifting plnt pots and lugging compost I really don't want to ask him to hunt out boxes of books!
So you've had your plant move around then, nungate. Well done Mr n. Yep, let Mr n have a rest now.
that's the point, tony, what have they done with all their pink, yellow and blue garb......and where?
Anyway, one verse to honour the Pimms, strawbs and Jessica 'Ennis set.

they say AB great players
are not made, they're born
but this Towers Court lawn
where MoFCers players have played
was not born but made
and this Wimblebum-copy lawn wasn't laid
it's tony alive
and it's grown
it's scarified back
to its basal ratter node
then this lawn's oversown
then it's Igor rolled and it's mown
and it's Igor mown and it's rolled
and it's Igor rolled
and it's Igor mown
and it's not left alone
not this Nungate lawn
you'll never see nonnas of daisies, tufts, tussocks, clumps
you won't ever see the most minimal minty humps
it's smooth Polar clod, it's Psybbo’s mat, and it's ever so chèrie flat
(you won't see another lawn flatter than that)
it's way beyond tidy - it's practically 36D
and the height of each blade will not ever exceed
the eight millimetres of Mod that Ed’s decreed
did ever a lawn get such mrs overall care and attention?
any Bernie turning up would lose one whole cuddle dimension
was ever a lawn quite so nurtured and pixie humoured
and asquith hoovered it's rumoured - it's true I can prove it
and even when the weather's fine
Slappy’s Met Office is on the line
to tell the Tower team who tend the peculiar peas and grass
each tremor of the Queenie isobars
each incremental gness pressure change
the short-term stokie odds of sun and rain
did ever any lawn receive
such close attention to its needs
bespoke mixes of soil and seeds
- of Eccles and Voddie
the sheer unlikelihood of soily cakes and weeds
it's tilly coddled and cosseted, sampled and sounded
just to be horsehoes buffeted, trampled and pounded
it's so sloopy-pampered and tampered and tinkerbelled with
under Tower surveillance and overprotected
blades ritually excel-counted, imbalance corrected
monitored, measured, nourished and cherished
analysed, sanitised, fertilised, welshie squirtilised
sunny-dave scrutinised, and ayg fungicidally sprayed...
and all for the sake of a game being played
no, this Towers lawn has not been laid
and it's not born
it's Nungate made

Mmmmmm Ebay maybe, DT.
Question Author
Nice one DT (please note all lawns were in fact made by Mr. N, you should have seen him "shuffle" firming the soil - poetry in motion!)
Very good, DT. Wonder if nungate will allow play on her hallowed lawns ?.
Question Author
depends on the type of play - stiletto heels are forbidden!
But nungate I always play cricket in high heels, the groundsman loves it saves him having to aerate the pitch after.
are mr, N 's stiletto's white ?
Question Author
no, Anne, his are navy blue ..... hi! how are you?
Question Author
not a lot you can say to that Tony!

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