Help With A Fruit, Veg And Herbs Quiz.

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pf1963 | 17:30 Mon 09th Jun 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
15 Answers
All the answers are a fruit, vegetable or a herb.

Things that grow & develop fast are said to do this (8)
Local Gin or Jam? (6)
Favourite of a Radio Chic (9)
Sounds like someone looking for beer (7)
Katy or Jonathon's crustacean (4,5)

Top one I thought was Sprouts and maybe its a compiler error.
Last one, crab apple. But don't know how.


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1 mushroom
1 mushroom?
4 Crab Apple
2 Damson?
3 radicchio (anag)
2 radicchio
A Jonathan is a variety of apple
Sorry,Crab Apple is answer to no5
4 sea-kale
4 A bit iffy-Alecost?
4 That's much better,scorpiojo I was just havering !
Lol :-)
Question Author
Brilliant guys. Its just for a bit of fun I do them. Usually donate the prize money back to them.
Just leaves Local Gin or Jam.
Damson is possible.
I think knittynora's answer is spot on- Damson gin and damson jam
damson gin and damson jam.

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Help With A Fruit, Veg And Herbs Quiz.

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