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nungate | 19:04 Sat 07th Jun 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good evening and welcome to Nungate Towers, after a busy (and for some painful) week, time for all Mad Over Fifties to come on down, take off their corsets and relax! Igor is by the entrance eagerly anticipating the arrival of our guests in order for him to stash away their outer garments and broom sticks for concealment around the Towers (who knows if they will ever be seen again!)
Tonight's Tailcock is the "Monsoon" well named and under current weather conditions here at the Towers, most appropriate.
As a result of the inclement weather we have decided to cancel all of our outdoors events this evening, sadly there will be no racing on the race track, or bonfires on the beach, guests may wish to wander around the grounds if they so desire just be sure to take an umbrella from stand by the main entrance.......
Of course the indoor pool is available for members, who may borrow swimwear if they have not brought their own, (members ought to remember that indoor pool does not approve of skinny dipping), as it is under cover, the hot tub is bubbling away nicely on the North Tower and his little friend the mini bar has been restocked and is awaiting his first visitors. The bungee is also ready for use just be careful not to bounce too close to the moat, the piranhas haven't been fed yet today (it's on Igor's list of things to do).
Our hot plate special tonight is meatballs in red wine sauce, (a house speciality) served on a bed of steaming pasta! We also have a delicious selection of volly vonts, horses doovers and canopies. On the pudding trolley we have an orange chocolate mousse, and of course, whipped cream!
In view of the nasty weather we have decided to open up our home cinema, tonight we will be showing that film classic The Maltese Falcon, and a short programme of Bugs Bunny cartoons (Nungate's favourite movie actor)
Club members who wish to dance are invited to the Ballroom to throw some shapes to the music of our favourite local band the Tone Deafs. I am delighted to announce that I have finally managed to keep those Minstrels out of the Gallery and out of the Towers, so members will not be subjected to their tired old madrigals and toccattas! Members are also invited to make full use of all the facilities here at the Towers, we have a well stocked library, which has all the latest magazines and periodicals, from Knitting for
Nuclear Physicist to Quantum Mechanics for the Home Cook! Our fully equipped gym is suffering from a lack of use and our fitness trainer has been terribly depressed from having no one but our chef Scoff to put through his paces (sadly Scoff is still the same size and weight....) All of this and more awaits members, so come on in and join the fun!

For the rofl tonight I offer:
4 fence posts,
a load of old fencing
half a dozen plastic plant pots

A warm welcome awaits all who dare enter these portals

carriages at midnight


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Probably just hypersensitive at the moment.
Lekker slap.
Question Author
No need to be Daisy, I will have a word ....
Are you leaving me then? I could use another early night, been a it off today anyway. Too many late nights, Mr. N working very late shifts and when I do get to bed the pain in my knee keeps me awake as we've had a lot of rain and it always gets sore when we're going o have rain - not too bad when the weather is fine! I don't need a forecast for rain from the met office, I have my knee! Will be in touch. Good night, sweet dreams
Question Author
Madame I shall gather the staff for the tidy up, there is a lot of popcorn on the floor of the cinema ........

Good night Madam Daisy
Question Author
Oh, just leave it tonight Igor, we can do it in the morning. Everyone off to their beds!
I shall be in my chambers, would you be so kind as to have some hot chocolate and a nice biscuit sent up to me?
Question Author
more trouble Igor?
Yes Madame, our machines seem to be linked I don't know how.

I shall fetch your hot chocolate, shall I ask Belle to run you a nice warm bath?
Question Author
It would seem to be the case Igor.

I shall not require Belle's services, she may retire with the rest of the staff
Quite happy to chat if you are waiting up for OH. Only midnight. Nothing to get up for in the morning, that is if I can stay asleep. Paper not due on a Sunday until after 9. Usually wake between 6 and 6.30. Odd when I am not a morning person. Have got books to keep me going. Visited Oxfam again today. Finished library books and reading group book. Yet another I disliked. Too embarrassed to go to last Tuesday's meeting and say yet again that it was not my kind of book. Perhaps I will just give up. Nobody seems to want to be friends outside of the meeting.
Question Author
MrN hasn't been working today, was off yesterday too, took the time off so we would be able to take mum to hospital for endoscopy, I was with her throughout, she was very good but didn't understand what was happening to her or why, still clean bill of health have to look for other reason for her swallowing troubles. What books did you get at the Oxfam shop? This week I downloaded anther two of my Parisian detective novels, last two no more have been translated yet, though sometimes the translation leave a little to be desired, was also very naughty I downloaded a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon anthology - I love those cartoons, I have quite a few but they are in a box somewhere so I have two on the kindle fire - pointless putting them on the ordinary kindle, no colour pictures on there! Remind me of the book for your book club
pc freezin
pc freezing talk tomorrow
Question Author
seems to be a universal thing tonight, mine keeps freezing on me too
as you say, talk tomorrow,
Goodnight Daisy

N. x

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