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nungate | 19:01 Sat 31st May 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good evening and welcome to Nungate Towers.
Igor is waiting by the main entrance to assist members with their coats cloaks and broomsticks, though in this pleasant warm weather he may only have to conceal broomsticks this evening.
In view of the pleasantness of the evening, I think we should all adjourn to the beach and hold our meeting there. Plant has set up the barbecue and
the coals are glowing beautifully ready for the goodies we have ready to toss on the grill. There are steaks, burgers, chicken, hot dogs you name it we probably will have it ready to barbecue, there is also a wide variety of salads and other side dishes, not forgetting the famous volly vonts, canopies and horses doovers. We have also requested the presence of Toni the Ice Man and his ice cream truck - 99's all round tonight!
Later the Tone Deafs will be playing, and they have set up a makeshift stage on the beach and will be playing a variety of summer time hits from days gone by............. the Minstrels can set up in the gallery with their usual madrigals and tocattas but they will only be playing to the portraits on the walls as we shall all be down by the sea, paddling! (one of these days I'll find out how they are getting in!) For those members not wishing to indulge themselves by the sea, the gardens are looking particularly pretty and we have set up a marquee in the grounds serving suppers and there will also be a mobile disco arriving later for dancing!
There are plenty of other outdoor diversions for our members, the race track is just waiting for racers to grab a cars for a few circuits of the track,
the maze is open too (keep turning left) We have just opened up the pink grotto to visitors, George the Dragon having gone on his holidays means members are permitted a peek at his far from humble home (just do not touch his treasure otherwise he will be back in a heartbeat, and I prefer guests ungrilled!)
As part of our usual fare the library is open to members as is the gym, indoor pool and other various diversions. It is a bit too warm in the conservatory but the Triffid is thriving, and the spider monkey is enjoying the extra heat.
I hope Queenie will be along later to tell us of the bit of excitement we had earlier on this week - which I found quite funny - she didn't!
For the rofl tonight I offer:
Half a dozen cardboard boxes (empty)
1 metre black fabric with gold stars (project didn't work!)
another bag of odd socks......

A warm welcome awaits all who dare enter these portals

carriages at midnight


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Joe Hart has nice hair
I think that must have been so the Scots would frighten the Germans by lifting their kilts at them.
I was a No 11 left wing.
Hockey, right half. Means you can always have the second half of a pint.
Question Author
I wonder why that was Tony. We do seem to enjoy a good old ruckus...
Hang on, Daisy. would that mean that to drink the bottom half of a pint you would have to drink the top half first ?.
Because they were brave fighters and showed no fear, nungate.
11, fast and furious but deadly accurate.

11, fast and furious but deadly accurate.

Correct, Daisy.
Question Author
sounds like your average Scotsman, well balanced, a chip on both shoulders and spoiling for a fight! You gotta love them!
They did, in the trenches, nungate.
Question Author
sometimes it is still the case! Different era entirely, fighting for king and country wasn't a bad thing
The second Gordon Highlanders were along side my great uncles battalion the 1st Staffords on the first day of the Somme to attack Mametz, nungate.
Eric is demanding overtime, Malkin misses Hebe.
Was awake at 5.30. Would love to continue but...
Thanks for your company. Much needed.
Lekker slaap. Totsiens.
Daisy xx
Good night, Daisy, sleep well.
Question Author
You are always welcome here Daisy. Glad we've been company for you, it's only this that's kept me awake tonight, might even get to bed before 2.30! yay! Will be in touch 0 have you decided about a sampler style yet?

We lost one great uncle on the Somme, November 1916, his brother was lost first in Turkey, he doesn't have a grave, but the lad from the Somme we know where he is buried. One was K.O.S.B and the other the Royal Scots
Two of my great uncles where killed, nungate. One on the first day of the Somme ( 1st July 1916 ) we know where he is buried and I have a photo of his war grave and the other one was killed ( Royal Navy ) when the destroyer he was on sank after a collision with another destroyer in very heavy weather off the Orkneys, no survivors on his ship and only a few bodies recovered ( my great uncle wasn't among them ) however some bodies were washed up on the coast of Norway so he may have been amongst those ?, his name is on the memorial at Plymouth.
Question Author
It's possible he was washed ashore in Norway, shame you couldn't look into it more. Family history says that the brother killed in Turkey died first and his brother ward a black button on his uniform as a mark of mourning. A few more days and he'd have survived the Somme. My grandfather was a drummer boy he was sent out to Turkey and I was told he wept when he passed by the area where his older brother was killed. There were four brothers in all only two came home.
A terrible time for a lot of families, nungate. Was it Gallipoli ?.

I feel very sorry for my great grandmother to lose two of her boys within a year 1916 and 1917, she had a nervous breakdown due to it.
Question Author
Probably was Tony.

Your poor Gran, all those lovely boys and for what exactly? I never did figure that bit out. I get the reasoning behind it all those treaties and so on but still I ask why? Must find and read the Guns of August

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