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nungate | 20:05 Sat 12th Apr 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good evening and welcome to Nungate Towers and the Mad Over Fifties Club.
Igor is at the main entrance waiting to collect your coats, cloaks and broomsticks for concealment in a variety of crooks and nannies around the Towers, known only to him members should note that al personal belongings are left at their own risk, we cannot guarantee their safe return at the end of the evening, though members might wish to check the lost property office for anything that has gone astray recently
Tonight's Tailcock will be the "Daffy Dilly", nothing better for a "jaundiced" look at life!
Our hot plate special tonight comes in the form of a Chinese Banquet, all your favourite take out Chinese dishes are available for members to make their selections, so get your chopsticks ready...... keeping to our Chinese theme, on the pudding trolley we have apple and banana fritters, and ice cream. It would not be a true MOFC evening without the world famous volly vonts, canopies and horses doovers for tempt you...
As usual, the Minstrels are up in the Gallery in the Great Hall, preparing their customary selection of madrigals and toccattas for our delight and entertainment....................yeh right! For those members wishing to trip the light fantastic, down in the ballroom we have secured the services of the Bert Campfire big band complete with two of the Dagenham Lady Pipers, to ensure our evening goes with a swing!
The bungee is well secured on the topmost Tower ready for the most daring of members, and at the top of the North Tower you will find the hot tub and mini bar, on a clear day you can see forever! Again, the maze and gardens are open for members wishing an evening stroll, (the head gardener is particularly proud of his spring bulbs this year) the race track is at the ready and the cars all fuelled up and ready to go!
Within the confines of the Towers, our well stocked library is open for those members who prefer a quiet time, the indoor pool down in the dungeon is still missing his friend the hot tub and would welcome any member wishing a swim (we do have a selection of swim wear for members to use). Members should also note that if they enter the conservatory they are requested not to feed the triffid, as feeding it out of season can be annoying.
Since I forgot to make the draw for last weeks rofl the prizes have been held over until tonight, tickets can be had from Belle in the vestibule.
A warm welcome awaits all who dare enter these portals

carriages at midnight


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Every one on here must be a speed typist. Not me it takes me ages then the person I answered has been answered loads of times.
Derek Jacobi! When I was in the V1th form at school he was acting at the Birmingham Rep in three Shakespeare plays. We got subsidised tickets for them. He was gorgeous. Been a fan ever since.
Tony, doing what comes naturally.

Question Author
it's in the manual Tony, we all get one!

doh, that bl oody manual.
Question Author
sorry about that, I was taught typing when I was a school, on an old fashioned manual machine (well it was the stone age) and you really had to strike the keys hard, these keyboards nowadays respond to the lightest touch making it so easy to type really fast. My daughter loves to watch me type, no accounting for taste I suppose, but I tell you one thing she must have learned something as she types using all her fingers like the way I was taught and I didn't show her!
Nun, We spent a fortune on honeymoon, wish we had bought a house instead. Divorced in 75
Question Author
Fabulous actor Daisy, I first noticed him in I, Claudius though he was in the Day of the Jackal as a very young man.
Question Author
I still would have loved to have had that honeymoon Paris, though being me, I would have done it on the cheap since I knew the place and so on, and by that time I had a book called "Pauper's Paris" which was very useful
Troilus and Cressida! Swoon.
Off to bed. Thanks for the company. Night.
Good night, Jeza.
Must go to sleep, night all.
Question Author
Troilus and Cressida - loved to have seen that.

Good night Daisy,
Good night Jeza, look after yourself, love to Mic
Good night, Daisy.
And it's goodnight from me also now. Thanks for a lovely evening as usual nungate.
Question Author
and it's good night from me too Tony, Mr N has finally arrived home from work! As always a joy having you all here.

Igor, time to bring in the staff, I shall be in my chambers if required

Good night

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