Is There Any Point In Having A Crossword Section?

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saintstim | 14:04 Sun 02nd Mar 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Why do people keep posting crossword help requests in the quizzes and puzzles section?
If they used the crossword section it would make it easier for people to help them and it would avoid clogging the quiz one.
Not too difficult to understand surely?


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Good point.

I'd hardly call the quiz section clogged
Crosswords used to be drop down of quizzes and puzzles so maybe they think category has gone.
It is a good point, as danny says, but some people simply won't take any notice of a reorganised crosswords/quizzes and puzzles section. I have seen requests for crosswords help posted in Chatterbank and History. People are people, and, unless some of them are taken by the hand and led to the appropriate section, reorganisation of the appropriate section(s) will not produce a tidier website.
The Ed has mentioned this on many occasions, but when Crossword posts are posted in other sections e.g Body and Soul and answered by Moderators without question, then what else can be done?

///Crosswords used to be drop down of quizzes and puzzles///

Always had a separate heading, not a drop-down,next to Q & P since I've been here.
I have suggested before that when someone posts a question that they have to select the topic from a drop-down list before they can submit it. It might result in some of the wayward questions going into the appropriate topic but there's bound to be a few that would still go amiss.
The distinction between what's a crossword and what's a puzzle (or quiz) is very woolly IMO. They should all be one topic.
I have just read the OP again..........ignore my previous post ;-(
The OP is right, though. Posting in the "correct" topics DOES make it easier for those people who frequent those sections to render good quality assistance more quickly. In most other on-line forums, posting in the wrong section is treated with impunity, as is "going off-topic" even if you've started in the correct section, and can lead to suspension or worse.

Sqad is correct in that, here, nobody is the slightest bit interested in any of that. You can guarantee 100% that if someone posts a crossword question in any section it will be answered without batting an eyelid.
Am I the only person who has a problem with c & l ? at a quick glance I have just read clogged as dogged.
Reminds me of the story of the cinema who were advertising a Clint Eastwood film on their facade, in block capitals, and got the second and third letter of his first name just a bit too close together:

And here you go! There simply is no incentive whatever to post in the correct section.
Why do they post in science and other sections? Why do they ask for answers anyway? They might just as well fill them in from the answers.

I've noticed a couple of posters who put their Questions in whatever
section is closest to the subject matter in the question.
Agree makes it easier to find answers, if posters posted in the correct categories it would cut out cross references etc and Answerbank would be nice and tidy and easily accessed!
To be fair that poster always puts his questions in Q&P. I didn't notice when Crosswords moved up the list to under CB but it was recently - and surreptitiously.
It is all very well posting crossword clues in the approppriate(non-crossword) section, but if the dwellers in that section wanted to answer crossword clues then they would visit the crossword section.
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Is There Any Point In Having A Crossword Section?

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