Is There Any Point In Having A Crossword Section?

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saintstim | 13:04 Sun 02nd Mar 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Why do people keep posting crossword help requests in the quizzes and puzzles section?
If they used the crossword section it would make it easier for people to help them and it would avoid clogging the quiz one.
Not too difficult to understand surely?


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Balders! Wrong topic!

Ooooh Noooo!
Most sections have cross words in them sooner or later.....
As a person who is just a bit serious a times, when I come across a question in Science, for example, I think about how best to answer it if
indeed I can. Then I discover it is just a b****y crossword question and my insights into the workings of the universe are redundant ...again.grrr:o)
I was serious once Jom - didn't like it much tho.....
I have found that I get an answer quicker on Q & P, and I guess that at the end of the day its the answer that matter, Thank you to those good people that have given me answers.
What about those people that give little info (paperr/mag etc) and forget to put Please and thank you.
Good luck to all compers, have a lovely Sunday.
At this posting I do not know if I am in Crosswords or Quizzes & Puzzles.
if you're unhappy, report the post and maybe the Ed will remove it when he's in the office, if he's having a quiet day. I don't think mods can do it.
Question Author
Just finished snoozing to the Sunday afternoon film. Back to the crossword !
Seems to have provoked a lively debate ! I just think it helps if people know where best to turn for help or to offer it. I do fully agree with Clare that the most annoying thing is those who seem to think that everyone else is there just as their personal servant and don't bother with please, thank you or any pleasantry.
Shoota, how can anyone with a foie gras factory at the end of their rue be serious about anything apart from eating? .. When I was holidaying in SW France a few years ago a military jet flew over low and loud. When the the jet had gone I could hear a trail of indignant honking from the goose population following it towards the horizon..a bit like the wash of a boat.
Thanks for raising this , saintstim.

I think it would help to have Ed's view on this because I'm unsure of whether the issue should be looked at.

Presumably the Ed prefers us to use the right sections as far as possible. And presumably Ed felt a need to have a separate section for Crosswords so wants posters to use it. I know I go straight to the sections I like and would find it difficult to use the site if many questions were in the wrong place. It does make things more difficult if I have to trawl through several sections to find crossword posts I can help with. However, I agree it's an irritation rather than something to lose sleep over.

When Ed moved Crosswords from under Q&P to just under Chatterbank he did ask us to point people in the right direction towards the newly placed Crossword section. However, when I politely pointed this out out to crossword posters in Q&P I was subjected to too many sarcastic comments, including from some Crossword regulars. It was pointed out to me that Ed didn't seem to intervene with similar comments to mis-posters, so I decided it wasn't worth me doing it either. I still point out sometimes in Q&P that I have already seen such and such an answer given in Crosswords but that's as far as I go.

If the Ed wants more people to post crosswords in Crosswords rather than Q&P etc I suggest the following might help:
(a) Get rid of the crosswords title builder which is still there in Q&P
(b) Ed's team should move all posts from Q&P to Crosswords asap so the posters spot it. Posters would soon realise that a dedicated Crosswords section exists. Ed already does this to crossword posts in Offers and Competitions. However I realise Ed isn't around in the evenings or weekends.
(c) allow mods to move posts to the correct section if they wish

If, on the other hand, Ed is not concerned about the current numbers of crossword threads posted in Q&P, and the number of mis-postings in general, then it might be useful if the Ed could confirm this on this thread so we can leave the issue alone.

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Is There Any Point In Having A Crossword Section?

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