Is There Any Point In Having A Crossword Section?

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saintstim | 14:04 Sun 02nd Mar 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Why do people keep posting crossword help requests in the quizzes and puzzles section?
If they used the crossword section it would make it easier for people to help them and it would avoid clogging the quiz one.
Not too difficult to understand surely?


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They just click any cross-word related post which appears in the top right "Latest posts" box.
Lie-in King......I don't think anybody is labelling this as "earth shattering" but something that is increasing in frequency and certainly needs attention.

Perhaps you disagree?
I don't honestly think it's that important. IMO.
Hi Sqad - I just don't see that it warrants this much attention. Ok, threads are misplaced - so what? If Ed's about, he usually moves them. Life's too short to be that concerned, IMO.
It would appear that our Crossword fans, do not see it as a to worry about.

PROVIDING that you apply your feelings to other sections.
I would like to see a completely separate sister site for Q&P.
I wouldn't, zacs - I spend time in Q&P then move to other topics, so I wouldn't want to have to keep changing sites.
Not much irks me and this doesn't either.

Yesterday I answered a crossword question in 'Food and Drink', should I have ignored or lectured the OP? Don't see the point.

If I see a Crossword PUZZLE posted in Quizzes and PUZZLES topic, it doesn't seem odd at all.

A regular and prolific poster has recently been posting his Chatterbank posts in Crosswords by mistake, I made a joke about it that's all.

A month or so ago, there was a post in CB to the tune of 'I hate weekends here, clogged up with crosswords, why doesn't someone post something interesting' - my simple reply wasn't talen too well there.

Ed has repeatedly pointed out that Q&P and related topics are a large part of this site - it is my belief that the site is big enough for all and patience is everything.
Boxtops, all you would have to do would be have two pages open bad flick from one to the other.
It really isn't a big deal - you always get some one posting something in the wrong section. Crosswords used to all part of the Quizzes and Puzzles section till it was separated.
Well, here we go doesn't "irk" the Crossword ABers, but it clearly comes to the notice of others.

That presumably has cleared the air for the future.
Sqad - in my experience here, if - for instance - a thread titled (eg) "My head hurts" is posted mistakenly in "Home & Garden", AB'ers will suggest to the OP that they repost in "Body & Soul/Health & Fitness".

More often than not, the OP will reply with thanks & do as suggested.
I doubt it Sqad :-) It is always cropping up.
Does it honestly really matter? Not to me....
Lie-in King........I agree.

But i just have the feeling that the OP would support a "common sense" approach, as would I, but the question is that of markedly increasing frequency of mal placings for Crossword posts.
Speaking as someone who mostly answers crossword questions, I just pick them up from latest posts - very often I don't notice what section they are posted in until after I have answered.

Historically, they (crosswords and Q&P) used to be all in one section. Then an editor decided to make crosswords a subsection of Q&P.
Most users were against this as by far the greater number of questions are crossword related, so they continued to post and answer crosswords in Q&P.
More recently crosswords have had their own section, but there is still a hangover from the past and the two are seen as interchangeable.

I can't see any of this as a huge problem... do not represent the opinion of all ABers......clearly ...and we respect your lack of concern.

My Head Hurts!!!
Like slaney, I very rarely go into the sections, I answer from LP.

If we are going to be picky about this, we ought to look at the Health questions which get posted in Body and Soul, rather than the Health heading.... one size doesn't fit all.
It happens in across all topics. It really isn't important is it? No one's going to die because a post has been posted in the wrong topic.

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Is There Any Point In Having A Crossword Section?

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