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springlamb | 15:15 Sun 16th Feb 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Any help very much appreciated thank you all out there. Questions are two part with the initials for the band and initials for the song title and there is a colour in one or the other! I am stuck on three, the first set of initials are the song and then 'by' obviously the artist. Here goes....thank you again for any contributions...
T R D by T (the R is RED)
S L by S D (SILVER needs to be there somewhere)
S A F by B L (I have no further clues for this one)


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There's a song Silver Lady by David Soul ( could the letters be the wrong way round )
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Hello treetops, I had thought that too as it seems too much of a coincidence! I can't really ask the question master though, thank you anyway
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Songs, Tunes, Bands With A Colour In The Title, Initials Quiz

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