The Km Links Game - January 2014 Week 4 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 02:21 Mon 27th Jan 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning all - hot here today .... and the whole week will be likewise !! What more can one say...not a lot, it'll go when it's good and ready !!

Not a lot to say about our final week either, it looks like MM on a very bad day, with a total of 14 points scored in all...Wow, that's got to be one of our less impressive attempts but never mind ....

Oyster Mushroom
Cherry Tomato
Ivory Nut [guess how many people got that one !!]
Grey Mullet

And the STAR TURN came from a comparative newcomer in MODESTE who picked two correct matches and scored three points for her tally.

The rest of us, for the most part, rested on our laurels or whatever, in anticipation of next weekend's start to as new game, so for the time being stay safe and warm and we'll reconvene then. skz


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And now for the Final LEADER BOARD

10 points - tyrepill

8 points - lysander

7 points - modeste, beejay1124, owllady, kawakiri, & elliemay1

6 points - Muzz, Onty, Shazza H & nabob

5 points - seekeerz, tambourine, tearinghair, Fibonacci, rockfordill, gen2, Chiefpanda, ulysses100, grannydi, pixie373, wickedtongue, psybbo, angler57, sarumite & x-ray

4 points - devadiva, Jean G, bryher, mallyh, HandBagLady, cupid04, cpfcrosie, Mrs E & Magyar

3 points - Aquagility, Elspeth, deecee131, jillywiskas, Mr W, baza, brizzer, Rose Maybud & eccles

2 points - kettledrum, Gill G, Christiana, middlestump, roslyn251254, sadielady, JRB, Prescott, Phyl, & iminoz

1 point - Strix, Brenden, boxtops, John, jobjockey, Mrs O, Chris H, cgoody, twix123 & cliffyg.

and there you have it, a low-scoring month but the Club House is almost empty, a couple of tardy souls summoning up enough courage to venture out in the cold wet [or in my case, bl**dy hot] world !!

Congratulations to ALL the points scorers, very well done, and we'll try to keep up the good work for the coming month, just so long as Kate doesn't throw us too many googlies - catch you all later, Steff
Thanks skz.
Missed solution , please repeat.
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Sorry, ken....not with you !
Well thanks very much for STAR TURN.

Last time I looked, I didn't have Shiela equipment.

Full blooded 6' 4" male. Name was my 1st boat
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Apologies, modeste, sex change not intentional !! Well done on your efforts, though
No worries, great game by the way
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Great, glad you're enjoying it
I was double-hitter this month - no points in either game!

Congrats to the scorers and thanks to Steff.
Thanks for all your input Steff, and well done for reclaiming the Ashes!

Grrrrr! (S) ;-)

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The Km Links Game - January 2014 Week 4 And Final Results

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