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caoimhemr | 22:54 Thu 23rd Jan 2014 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Securing device for one obsessed with lepidoptery(9,3)

Once again make a communist ring (4)

Meaty price of hardwood on a ship(6)

Is it really high land or is it just pretending (5)

You may find a chopped tree on this island (5)

This game is up for such discrimination (6)

Luxury sailing trip (6)

Receiver of a stolen palisade (5)


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Luxury sailing trip (6) Cruise

Receiver of a stolen palisade (5) Fence
2 Redo
8 Fence
1 Butterfly Net
1. butterfly net
6 Ageism
7 is Cruise mama
5 crete?
5 Crete
Is that not what it says?

Butterfly NUT
Ohhh..I thought you meant cruise was NUMBER 6 mama
Question Author
Thanks guys any idea if 4&5
Have you any letters for 3 & 4?
Question Author
3. S?????

3) steaks ?

Question Author
Thanks is much everybody
4) bluff

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