M&s Where's Wally Advent Calendar Help Finding The Bone, Camera And Binoculars

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ruggief | 18:18 Sat 14th Dec 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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My ten year old has the M&S Where's Wally advent calendar and we can not find the bone or the camera or the binoculars, All others so far we have found. To save my sanity can anyone advise where they are (if they are in fact there). Many thanks in advance


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Helloooo, we cannot find the camera the same as in the picture, other than the one on the stairs - soooo annoying. The bone is just above door 12 and the binoculars are above door 17. If you find the camera the same as pictured on the door, please tell me, before I lose the rest of my marbles! :)
After about 4 hours of searching between me and my GF, we have finally found the camera!
The thing is, the camera on the window does not look exactly the same as the one hidden in the picture, but it's the only one we can find.

I'm not going to reveal exactly where it is, but I will say that it is hidden in the upper half of the calendar and is very small, but is in plain sight.

Good luck! ;-)
The bone is on the second level by the feet of the man painting the hieroglyphs.

The camera is on the stairs by the feet of the women in the red dress.

The binoculars are on the first level on the floor just above the nun in the blue habit holding the scroll near the angry bull.
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Fantastic all of you, you have saved my sanity and I have a very happy son. We are now circling random things as we find them just in case they are the 'thing' we will be looking for in the days to come...
The Bone for 2019 can be found here

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M&s Where's Wally Advent Calendar Help Finding The Bone, Camera And Binoculars

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