Cryptic Birds

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Mickey_Blue | 19:52 Wed 03rd Aug 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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cryptic clues are the names of birds....

1. Two thirds of the former Liverpool hotshot.

2. David`s weapon around the black stuff.

3. Allow around the tavern.

4. Top man with rod and line.

5. Role at the top.

6. Give accomodation to Luther.

7. Aussie singer begins in the channel isaland.

8. Ban heckling.

9. Windswept in the morning.

10. A little large for the predator.


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2 is starling
6 House Martin
4 Kingfisher
8 Can it be BAR  N  OWL
7 is skylark - kyl(ie) in sark
5 Partridge
1 is thrush
How I feel some mornings RUFF
1.  Fowl
10.  Osprey
Question Author
Well done everyone but still numbers 8 and 9 to solve correctly.
8. Could be... Black Grouse.
Question Author

9. is  Blackbird

10. is Nightingale

Question Author

OOOps sorry

8. is Blackbird 

9. is Nightingale

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Cryptic Birds

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